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2011 Community Read

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Jefferson County Community Read history.

Christina Sunley dinner with Community Read Committee.

Poster with unusual Icelandic delicacies-th with unusual Icelandic delicacies.

Jack Watts and others waiting for presentationto begin.

Poster about Icelandic volcanoes.

Waiting for presentation to begin.

Christina Sunley and Community Read Committee memeber Phyllis Lange.

Looking at Posters.

Ruth Ann Hopps introducting Christina Sunley for Jefferson County Community Read 2011.

Christina Sunley.

Watching Christina Sunley presentation.

Christina Sunley presentation.

Poster about Geothermal Energy.

Patiently waiting for autograph.

Reba Powell and Maralee Gerke visiting with Christina Sunley.

Ruth Ann Hopps and Christina Sunley.

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