Why do the Summer Reading Program?

     The Jefferson County Library (like public libraries all over the country) puts on a summer reading program each year to keep children reading all summer long because reading is like lots of other skills—you have to keep practicing. If children do not read during the summer, they are likely to have more difficulty reading when they go back to school in the fall.                                                         

How does it work?
     There are two parts to the summer reading program:

     Reading!      Earn prizes for reading!** You should try to read for at least 3 Hours.html each week—that’s less than half an hour every day, so you can definitely do it! As soon as school gets out, start keeping track of the amount of time you spend reading. Pick up your reading coupons at the library when you sign up or download them below. Fill out a coupon for every 3 Hours.html you read and turn one in each week. You can turn in more than one coupon in a week only if you have gotten behind and need to catch up.
     When you turn in your 3rd coupon you’ll get a small prize. When you turn in your 4th coupon, you’ll get a book and when you turn in your 5th coupon you’ll have earned your summer reading T-shirt! Keep turning in your coupons each week after that to increase your chances of winning the grand prize drawing to be held on August 26.
     The grand prize this year is a giant butterfly kite. Stop by the library and see it hanging in the children’s area!
     **Having someone read to you or listening to an audio book counts as reading.

     Weekly activities!   Each week we will do a different, fun activity that may include special guests, crafts, stories, and games. We will be doing these activities in Madras on Tuesdays, in Warm Springs on Wednesdays, and in Culver on Thursdays. Click on the link below for our schedule.
     Our theme this year is really fun— it’s all about bugs! We’ll kick off our programs in Madras on
June 17 at 2:00 p.m. with a display of live bugs, including walking sticks, a tarantula, a millipede, and more. Kids will be allowed to handle some of the bugs. During other programs, we will sing bug songs, play bug games, do bug crafts, and even eat bug snacks. Click on the link below for our schedule.

How do I sign up?
     You don’t need to register to attend the weekly programs in June and July, but you do need to register to be eligible for prizes.
Simply fill out the registration form (below) and turn it in at the library. It’s free!
     To sign up for the August summer reading book club, contact the library in July.

  •  Program Schedule (English)  &  (Spanish)

  •  Registration Form (English)  &  (Spanish)

  •  English Coupons (Weeks 1 - 6)  &  (Weeks 7 - 9)

  •  Spanish Coupons (Semanas 1 - 6)  &  (Semanas 7 - 9)

* Printable Forms and Coupons are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).
Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to read these files.
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it for free:   

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