2009 Summer Reading Program


2 pm @ the Annex

June 16th: Music
23rd: Costume design
30th: Paper Making
July 7th: Dance
14th: Acting
21st: Drawing


Warm Springs

2 pm @ ECE

June 17th: Music
24th: Costume design
July 1st: Paper Making
8th: Dance
15th: Acting
22rd: Drawing



2 pm @ Culver Elementary

June 18th: Music
25th: Costume design
July 2nd: Paper Making
9th: Dance
16th: Acting
23rd: Drawing


Week 1: Music
Come play along with some of Jefferson County’s most established musicians, The Skillet Lickers, and walk out with your very own musical instrument!

Week 2: Costume Design
Do you think you have what it takes to be a superhero? If so, then your first step will be coming in to create your very own, one-of-a-kind superhero costume!

Week 3: Paper Making
Get ready to plunge hand-first into the super fun, super messy world of paper making. Will your paper be colorful, textural, or both? You decide!

Week 4: Dance
From salsa to hip hop, get ready to learn an eclectic, exhilarating dance routine taught by the winner of this year’s library staff dance-off.

Week 5: Acting
Whether you dream about being the next big movie star, or just need to learn how to get out of trouble for breaking your parent’s new lamp, after a day of acting lessons with library, you just might be able to accomplish both!

Week 6: Drawing
Ever wonder how the people who draw your favorite cartoons got started? Through a number of interesting, creative, and sometimes odd exercises, you’ll be on your way to joining the ranks of Disney, Dreamworks, or Lucas Arts!

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