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Read popular magazines on your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone for free!

With your library card and the library's subscription to Zinio through RB Digital you can read popular magazines whether you're online or offline (using the Zinio app for your mobile device).

Getting Started    

To use Zinio, you need:
   •  A Jefferson County Library card
   •  To set up an account for Jefferson County Library's Zinio magazine collection (to check out magazines)
   •  To set up an account with Zinio.com (to read magazines)
   •  To download the Zinio app for your mobile device if you would like to read magazines on the go.

    First Time Users:
1. Visit Jefferson County Library's Zinio magazine collection and click "Create New Account" in the upper right-hand corner to create your library account.

2. Click on a magazine you would like to check out, then click the "Complete Checkout" button.

3. Create your Zinio account using the same email address and password you used to create your library account.

4. If you would like to read magazines on your phone or tablet, visit your app store and download the free Zinio - 5,000+ Digital Magazines app. Once installed, sign in to the app with your Zinio account.
The library's Zinio magazine collection allows you to see which magazines the library has subscribed to. This is where you select magazines to checkout. The ones you select are added to your Zinio.com account.

To read the magazines, sign in to your Zinio.com account. You will see your library magazines, and if you have purchased any Zinio subscriptions for your personal use, they will be in the same place.

Tips when creating accounts:
  • During the checkout process you will be prompted to create the accounts.
  • Both accounts must use the same email address and password.
  • When creating your Zinio.com account you may be asked to select a sample magazine and answer questions. Any answer you provide is okay.
  • You never need to return checked out magazines, and they do not expire.
  • When new issues are published, they will be available for checkout from the library's magazine collection.

Frequently Asked Questions
  I already have my own private Zinio.com account. Can I use the same account to access the library's Zinio magazine collection?
Yes! However, make sure to use the same email and password for your library Zinio magazine account that you used when creating your current Zinio.com account.

I notice from time to time you have new magazines available in the library's Zinio magazine collection. How do I add these to my Zinio.com account?
To add new magazines to your Zinio.com account, log in to the library's Zinio magazine collection and click each magazine you wish to add. Then sign in to your Zinio.com account to read them.

How do I find out if a magazine has a new issue?
Check the library's Zinio magazine collection for new issues.

How do I remove titles from my account? Can I get them back?
Use the edit button to remove or restore titles. Any title you remove may be restored at a future time.

Can I read magazines offline or must I be connected to the Internet?
After downloading a magazine, it may be read offline by using the Zinio app (mobile devices - see below) or the Zinio Reader Viewer (Windows/Mac).

Is there an app?
Yes. Search your app store for the free Zinio Magazines app. In the Zinio app settings, log in with your Zinio account and click the open book icon to see your magazine titles from the library. Tap a magazine cover to download it and begin reading.
   •  Google Play
   •  Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
   •  iTunes App Store
   •  Requires IOS 5.0 and later

Do I need to install anything to read magazines on my computer?
Most magazines can be read using your web browser. However, a few magazines may require that you install the free Zinio Reader Viewer (Windows/Mac) on your computer in order to read them.


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