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2021-22 Budgeting Process

Updates to the 2021-22 budget process will be posted here. 


Appoint budget officer and budget committeeFebruary 9Board
Prepare proposed budgetMarch-MayBudget Officer
Publish 1st notice of budget committee meeting 30 days before meeting (newspaper and web site)April 2Budget Officer
Publish 2nd notice of committee meeting at least 5 days after first notice, and not less than 5 days before 2nd meeting. (OR publish Meetings 1 and 2 in the first notice and on web site) Budget Officer
Budget Committee Meeting #1May 13All
Budget Committee Meeting #2, if needed
Publish notice of budget hearing 5-30 days before hearing Budget Officer
Budget hearingJune 8Committee, Board, Budget Officer
Board enacts resolutions/adopts budget/make appropriations/impose and categorize taxesJune 8Board
Submit tax certification to county assessorsby June 15Budget Officer
Copy of completed budget documents to county clerksby Sep 30Budget Officer


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