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About the Association

The Jefferson County Library Association is the non-profit arm of the Library that focuses on

  1. Managing the funds from the Jefferson County Endowment Foundations
  2. Supporting the programs of the Library District
  3. Coordinating with the library staff on book sale events

The Jefferson County Library Association is a not-for-profit, 501(3) organization whose purpose is to support the Jefferson County Library District by promoting library enrichment for the State and the Community by supporting District building projects, programs, outreach, and by providing liaison to individuals and organization with a common interest in stimulating the services of the Library District.

Before the library became a District, the Association was responsible for the day-to-day operations. Members of the Association were instrumental in establishing the District in 2000.


  • Davida Plaisted, President
  • Janice Forrester, Vice President and Treasurer
  • Sandra Hahn, Secretary
  • Angela Harris,  Member
  • Catherine Hawk, Member
  • Holli Pappasodora, Member
  • Gretchen Schlie, Member

District Liaison

  • Susan Stovall

Registered Agent

  • Jane Ellen Innes
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