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Join Ollie's Club!

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As a member of Ollie's Club, you can win prizes and add beads or tags to your Summer Reading Program Brag tag necklace. 

To Join Ollie's club all you need to do is participate in the events.

Come here every month for Ollie's Club Bingo!

Bingo Rules:

1. To win you must have a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal Bingo.

2. Bring your Bingo Card to the Library.

3. Claim your prize.

4. Earn your brag tag or bead for participating.

5. You must be 3-12 yrs old to join.

Select your Bingo card from the pdf below. 

Ollie's Club Bingo Cards.pdf

There are 15 Bingo Cards. Select the card and take note of the page number. Put the page number in when printing the cards or all 15 will print.




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