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Digital Media Resources

Compiled by: Swan Liu

Last Updated: May 2023

Audio Production

Library Resources

Audio engineering and the science of soundwaves / Anne Rooney


Adobe Audition - Supports Windows/MacOS

Free software

Audacity - Supports Windows/MacOS/Linux

Online Tutorials

Audition Tutorials


Video Production

Library Resources

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 release / Maxim Jago

The musician's guide to iMovie for iPad / Thomas Rudolph and Vincent Leonard


Adobe Premiere Pro - Supports Windows/MacOS

                                      - Video editing

Adobe After Effects - Supports Windows/MacOS

                                    - Visual effects and motion graphics

Final Cut Pro - Supports MacOS

                        - Video editing

Free Software

Shotcut - Supports Windows/MacOS/Linux

               - Video editing

Online Tutorials

Filming Tips


2D Animation

Library Resources

The animator's survival kit / Richard Williams

How to create animation in 10 easy lessons / William Bishop-Stephens

The queens of animation / Nathalia Holt


Adobe Animate - Supports Windows/MacOS

                             - Computer animation

Adobe Character Animator - Supports Windows/MacOS

                                                 - Combines live motion-capture with a multi-track recording system to control layered 2D puppets

Online Tutorials

Character Animator Tutorials

After Effects Tutorials


3D Animation

Library Resources

Blender / by Jason van Gumster


Autodesk Maya - Supports Windows/MacOS

Autodesk Maya Student - A free version of Autodesk Maya that Targets students

Autodesk 3ds Max - Supports Windows

Houdini - Supports Windows/MacOS/Linux

Cinema 4D - Supports Windows

Modo - Supports Windows/MacOS/Linux

Lightwave 3D - Supports Windows/MacOS/AmigaOS

Free Software

Blender - Supports Linux/Windows/MacOS

Daz Studio - Supports Windows/MacOS

Online Tutorials

Blender Tutorials

Maya Tutorials 1

Maya Tutorials 2

Maya Tutorials 3


Graphic Illustration

Library Resources

How to draw manga

How to draw comics

Illustration that works : professional techniques for artistic and commercial success / Greg Houston

The art of the graphic memoir : tell your story, change your life / Tom Hart

Graphic : 500 designs that matter

How to use graphic design to... / Michael Bierut

Telling the story in your graphic novel / Frank Lee

Web and digital for graphic designers / Neil Leonard, Andy Way, Frédérique Santune

Graphic design cookbook / by Leonard Koren & R. Wippo Meckler

Graphic design referenced / Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit



- Graphic Design Platform

- Create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.


Adobe Photoshop - Supports Windows/MacOS

                                  - Photo, image & design editing

Adobe Illustrator - Supports Windows/MacOS

                               - Vector graphics editor and design program

Clip Studio Paint - Supports Windows/MacOS/iPad/iPhone/Android

                               - The digital creation of comics, general illustration, and 2D animation

PaintTool Sai - Supports Windows

                        - Lightweight painting

Corel Painter - Supports Windows/MacOS

                        - Drawing, painting with realistic painting strokes

Procreate - Supports iPad

                   - Digital painting with Apple Pencil and alternatives

Free Software

MediBang Paint Pro - Supports Windows/MacOS/iPad/iPhone/Android

Krita - Supports Linux/Windows/MacOS

         - Drawing, vector layers, animation creation

GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program - Supports Windows/MacOS

                                                                             - Photo manipulation

Online Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials 1

Photoshop Tutorials 2


Royalty-Free Resources

Music/Sound/Sound Effects

Audio Library





Free Music Archive

Free Sounds Library


Internet Archive


Motion Array





Internet Archive

Motion Array






Stock Footages

Beachfront B-Roll

Motion Array



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