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Health and Wellness

Compiled by: Jane Ellen Innes

Last updated September 18, 2020

Evaluating Information

Check out these resources for help in evaluating online health information:

  1. Medical Library Association (MLA) User's Guide. This guide to evaluating online health information is supported by the MLA - the organization of librarians whose primary purpose is promoting reliable health, wellness, and medical information.
  2. Medline Plus - Evaluating Health Information. This National Library of Medicine page points you to resources and includes a link to the MedlinePlus tutorial on evaluating health information online.
  3. Health on the Net (HON) Code. The HONcode is a code of ethics that guides site managers in setting up a minimum set of mechanisms to provide quality, objective and transparent medical information tailored to the needs of the audience

At the Library

Medicine and Health books begin at 610, in the non-fiction section of the Library.

Magazines available from Libby/Overdrive

  1. Men's Health - Multiple topic-specific editions, available in German and Spanish
  2. Women's Health - Multiple topic-specific editions, available in German and Spanish
  3. Good Health
  4. Eye Health
  5. Health & Fitness - Multiple topic-specific editions
  6. Healthy Recipes from Around the World
  7. The Story of Medicine
  8. Zest - Healthy You Magazine

Increase your Health Literacy Skills

MyHealthfinder content is a website that shares evidence-based health information.

Healthy Family Habits created by the National Center for Families Learning.

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