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Lesson Planning Support

We can help teachers and parents find books, DVDs, websites, articles, and other materials to use in storytimes and lesson plans.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we may order it.  We can also make sure we have plenty of books on the topic available in the library for your students.

We are providing Book Bundles or Curriculum Crate on popular subjects. We can either build a Book Bundle for you or you can request a prebuilt Curriculum Crate. They contain books, DVDs, models, ideas for projects, and additional supplies for suggested projects. Book Bundles and Curriculum Crates must be requested one week in advance of the date needed and you are notified when they are ready for pick up. Please fill out the request form and sign the Curriculum Crate Agreement.

Curriculum Crates


Language Arts (Writing focus)

Human Body





Ancient Civilizations



The United States of America

Oregon Trail

The World


Physical Education


Curriculum Crate Request Form

We appreciate hearing from teachers and parents when they've assigned a project to their students or children.  If we have a copy of the assignment, we're better prepared to help them find the information they need.

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