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Talk-About & Talk-About-Town Video Archive

Talk-About-Town | Parent Talk: Educational Session #1

Montell Elliott and the Best Care Prevention Program provides insights on teen drug and alcohol use and what to do as a parent. Discover effective communication tips and guidance for responsible choices.

Talk-About-Town | Crystal Combinations

Embark on a journey into the world of crystal combinations as we share a video from the "Culver Crystal Talk" series, hosted by Wandering Souls Trading Post & Boutique, and featuring Diana Krugle's guidance on harmonizing crystals.

Talk-About-Town | Crystals: Care & Cleaning

Diana Krugle, in the "Culver Crystal Talk" presentation, shares insights on crystal care and cleaning. An enlightening discussion you won't want to miss! 

Talk-About| CASA Advocacy

Did you know there are 300 kids in foster care in Central Oregon? How can you help without being a foster parent? Watch the video and find out! Speaker: Heather Dion

Talk-About| Listen: the First 100 Stories

I Am a Story project is celebrating its first 100 stories. Listen to some of the favorites! Speaker: Gretchen Schlie

Talk-About| Tattoos

Learn the ins and outs of tats from a local ink slinger. Speaker: Haily Takagi

Talk-About| My Last Words:Writing Your Obituary

How do you want to be remembered? Make sure you have input in your own obituary. Speaker: Jane Ellen Innes

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