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The End Draws Near!

 We are in the last month of our challenge. Congratulations on making it to the end!  Hope that you have been able to meet your challenge and found some great stories in the process. (I have a couple that I would recommend. Stop by the library and let's trade book recommendations.)  

To wrap this challenge up - I would love to get the total number of books read in 2021. So if you could send me, Gretchen, a reply by Dec 20th with

  • your first and last name, 
  • the total number of books you have read in 2021
  • whether you met your goal.
  •  the best book you read all year!
  • Do you want a certificate?

I'll try and do the math and then let everyone know the grand sum on Dec 31st. 

It has been fun to read with you all. Don't forget to visit the JCLD Online Book Club on Facebook ( or the orange wall at the Library) for book suggestions. We will also be handing out 2022 calendars soon with next year's book challenge. Be on the lookout for those calendars. 

Again, thank you all for participating in the 21 Books in 2021 reading challenge. I will make a certificate for anyone who would like one.  Just let me know. 




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