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Company Information

Getting Started

Start with a general search using your favorite search engine. Most sites will present current news for a business or industry.

  • Company websites.
    Most companies have their own websites.  For larger companies, check for a media section where you'll find press releases and press kits.  Don't underestimate the information that companies publish on their own websites. Just remember that a website is a marketing tool and most information you'll find on a company website will be positive.
  • Directories and Yellow pages – On-line directory listings often offer many filtering options (e.g. by industry and region) and are even sometimes searchable by ZIP code.
  •  Historical information - The Wayback Machine ( stores screenshots of websites over time. By looking at several old screenshots, you can see what a particular website looked like at a given moment in time, which is helpful when trying to identify a corporate strategy or future plans.
  •  Local Economic & Business Journals/Magazines/Newspapers are a good source for local company information. It's easy to find information on public companies, but a little trickier to find information on private companies. These websites often require registration, and some things are not free, but there is often a no-charge access level.
  •  National or International trade associations - Statistics, trends, competitors can often be found by researching the relevant trade association. Trade journals and publications, like local economic newspapers, also have information on industry trends and competitors.
  • Business History Research - A guide to resources at the Library of Congress for finding the history of a company.

Online Resources


 Compiled by Jane Ellen Innes

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