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How do I return or renew items?

Renew items

You can renew items 3 times if no one else has them on hold.

There are 4 ways to renew items.

To log in, click on My Account, type in the barcode on the back of your library card, then input your 4-digit PIN. You will see a list of items that you currently checked out. Click "Renew all" to renew all the items on the list, or check the boxes in front of the items you want to renew, then click "Renew selected".


Return items

You can visit the library to return items at the front desk during our opening hours.

Our after-hours book drop is located by the back door of the library.


We no longer have overdue fines. 

However, if you damage or lose an item, we will charge you accordingly.

If you are not a Jefferson County resident or live on Crooked River Ranch who don't pay library tax, there will be a library service fee. (click here to find out if you have to pay)​

Currently, we do not provide online payment. You can mail us a check, or visit JCLD in person. We only accept cash or check.

If you believe you have returned an item but it still shows up on your account, please contact us as soon as possible.​

If you have unpaid balance but cannot afford to pay for it right now, please visit our library to discuss options.


We no longer charge you a daily fee for overdue items!

How does it work?

After the item is due, you will have 2 weeks grace period when you are not charged for anything.

After 2 weeks, you will be charged for a replacement fee according to how much the item cost. The fines will be waived when you return the items.

When the total fines are above $50, it will go to collection and there will be a $10 collection agency fee added to your account. Once you return those items, your library fines will be waived, but the collection agency fee will stay on your account, and your account will freeze until it's paid off.

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