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Stories about Daily Life

Renewing Vows by Scott and Lisa Hamilton 

Why I Love Reading by Mike Price

Finding Home by John Otis

Bonnie's Story by Bonnie Brewer-Namenuk 

Dan's Story by Dan Crowley

Changes in Oregon by Claudia Gibson

A Passion for Quilting / Finding your Passion! by Davida Plaisted

Car Roll by Vance Harris

Judge Not! / Mail Delivery /Cranky's Phone by Gerald " Cranky" Hoche

I Hated Madras, But Not Now. / Wind Storm /Pförtchen /Ill Child by Laura Jones

Faux God Conversations by Maeghan Jones

First Generation by Marji Beasley

A Lot of Moving Around by Dorothy Burgess

A Senior Member of Madras by Joyce Erb

Immigrant Becomes by Richard Ladeby

Do What you Love to Do by Lynda Funk

Those Early Years by Mike and Lynda Funk

Blessed By God And Church by Scott and Lisa Hamilton

Dancing through Life by Susan Stovall

Finding True Love by Brad Watson

Getting to School by Kristin Peterson

Funeral Home by Lyndsay Hessel

My First Cell Phone by Karen Esvelt

The Love of Writing by Fatima Valdovinos

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