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12/14/2022 Qs&As


  1. Does the County have a proposed budget range for the project?
  2. Can you confirm if the County has a timeline for when the project is to be complete?
  3. Can you confirm if the project will remain within the existing 5,946 SF or if the County expects the floor plan to grow and by approximately how much SF?
  4. Please confirm you expect a full fee proposal and if this fee is to be based on the responder’s interpretation of the project timelines?


  1. No, the library does not have a proposed budget. The library needs guidance in setting a semi-accurate budget range. The library has money in a building and improvement fund. The library needs assistance in devising a financing plan.  
  2. The library has not set a timeline for the project. The library would like the project to be completed within the next 2 to 4 years, but will set a timeline upon advisement of the Owner’s Representative.  
  3. The library will not remain within the existing 5,946 square feet. The library will retain and remodel the current 5946 square feet and ideally add about 12,000 square feet.   
  4.  The library expects a full fee proposal but will be satisfied if the lump sum cost is given as a range. If the responder is not comfortable giving a lump sum cost range please provide:  
    1. Estimate of monthly fees for services and reimbursable expenses, as well as level of effort and durations of involvement    
    2. Itemized list of services recommended for project scope     
    3. List of potential reimbursable expenses and an estimated cost based on previous projects of this size.  
    4. Hourly rates for expected personnel.  

An inability to provide a full and accurate lump sum cost is not a disqualifier at this stage. The weight of the decision for this project lies most with the fit of a firm for this project based on qualifications and experience. This RFQ asks for expenses of services only in order to deem whether costs are comparable.  

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